June 2022 Board Minutes

Seneca East Public Library Board of Trustees

June 8th, 2022

The June 8th, 2022 meeting of the Seneca East Board of Trustees was called to order by President Janet Ruffing at 7:30PM. Trustees in attendance were: Janet Ruffing, Kim Ohl, Tina Shook, Ruth Pifher, Vicki Eckenrod, and Jeff Beaston. Library staff attending included Fiscal Officer Pamala Dunson and Library Director Shannon Featheringill.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the May 11, 2022 meeting were reviewed and approved with a motion by Ruth Pifher, a 2nd by Kim Ohl, and approval of all remaining board members by voting “aye”.

Fiscal Officer’s Report: The board reviewed the May 2022 bills as well as reviewing and initialing the May 2022 Bank Reconciliation and Management Reports as presented by the Fiscal Officer.

Resolution #574 – To supplement appropriations according to the directions of Director Shannon Featheringill, for the unencumbered donations received from the period of 5/5/2022-6/5/2022. The total amount of donations to be appropriated is $2,291.76. Itemization is as follows: Adult Books $1539.88, Children’s Books $380.00, Adult AV $10.00, Library of Things $225.00, and Supplies $136.88. A motion to approve Resolution #574 was made by Jeff Beaston, with a 2nd by Vicki Eckenrod, and the motion passed with approval by all remaining board members voting “aye”.

The 2023 Tax Budget has been approved by the Seneca East School Board and has been submitted to the Seneca County Auditor. We are now waiting for the first Certificate of Estimated Revenue for 2023. The State Audit for 2020 and 2021 is complete and there were no exceptions. The Everett CD will be coming due this month. The funds from this CD will be placed in the Capital Improvement Fund as approved at the May meeting. The library has been named in the will of Mary Jane Brakeall. When finalized the library will receive 2 and ½% of her estate.

Director’s Report: Director Featheringill reported a total Patron Count for May of 2945 with 26 days open.

Old Business: Seneca County PLF Distribution Formula needs to be approved for the auditor. The library directors will be meeting again in late summer/early fall to discuss possible changes. A motion to approve the Seneca County PLF Distribution Formula was made by Vicki Eckenrod, with a 2nd by Kim Ohl, and the motion passed with approval by all remaining board members voting “aye”.

New Business: The library was named as a beneficiary of 2 and ½% of Mary Jane Brakeall’s estate. The Republic Street Fair is August 6th. The library will set up a booth with activities and kid’s crafts.

Legislative: HB 140, the “Ballot Language” Bill, opposed by OLC as well as the Ohio Township Association and public school groups, passed in the Senate. The bill changes requirements about how a levy is presented to voters on ballots, which the OLC believes will be more confusing to voters instead of being more transparent. OLC has formally asked Governor DeWine for a veto.

Building Update: There are no roof updates. Perry’s Plantation finished the strip by the alley and the small space by the history room, but still needs to finish the strip between the ramp and building. They wanted to make sure all of the ivy was dead before planting anything new. A plaque for the Foundation still needs to be ordered. Parking lot sealing was scheduled for last Thursday, but was pushed back due to all the rain.

Children’s Room Report: The overall average attendance for the spring sessions of preschool programming was 11 for Storytime and 8 for Music & Movement. Music & Movement will resume June 17th and Storytime resumes June 21st. There were 18 in attendance for May’s Brick Builders Club. We built Lego volcanoes then put baking soda and vinegar in them to make them erupt. Brick Builders will be on break for the summer and resume in September. Teen Board will meet June 9th to discuss summer volunteer opportunities. 151 Take and Make kits were passed out in May. The Summer Reading Program is ready to go with the kick-off event on June 16th.

Foundation News: The next foundation meeting will be Monday, July 11th, 2022.

Board Old Business: Continued discussion was had regarding the Attica Area Historical Society.

Board New Business: There are no new business items.

The next meeting of the Seneca East Library Board will be July 13th at 7:30 PM. There being no further business to conduct, Tina Shook made a motion to adjourn at 8:06 PM.
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Janet Ruffing, President                                                                                Tina Shook, Secretary