1000 Books Before Kindergarten

A monkey, bear, and cat each reading a book

One small step can set your child up for a lifetime of opportunity. Kids who make reading a habit early are more successful in school. That’s why we’re offering a new literacy initiative—1,000 Books before Kindergarten. Numerous studies estimate that as many as one in five children have difficulties learning to read.  Reading has been associated as an early indicator of academic success.  Public formal education does not typically start until ages 5-6.  Before then, parents and caregivers are the first education providers during the 0-5 early critical years. The program is simple—early learners are challenged to have 1,000 books read, or read to them, before starting Kindergarten. You are your child’s first teacher and your mission is to set them up for success by talking, singing, playing, and most importantly, reading together. 

Get Started

  • Register any child (from birth until they enter Kindergarten).
  • Keep a log of the number of books read. (Books may be repeated!) You can find a printable reading log HERE.
  • Visit the library to turn in your logs and receive your prizes.


  • Every 100 Books Read - Earn a sticker
  • 200 Books Read - Earn a button
  • 500 Books Read - Earn a mini-prize
  • 800 Books Read - Earn a book
  • 1000 Books Read - Earn a book bag

How to Sign Up