Brick Builders Club

About Brick Builders

  • Brick Builders Club Meets at 6:30 p.m. on the Third Thursday of the Month
  • Brick Builders Club is Open to All Ages; Families are Encouraged to Attend Together
  • No Registration is Required & You Do Not Need to Make Every Meeting to be Part of the Club
  • Optional Completed Challenges (or a Picture) are Displayed in the Library

2022 Dates


September 15 Wrecking Ball 
October 20 The Upside Down
November 17 Favorite Foods
December 15 Gingerbread Houses

Why We Build

Research demonstrates the importance of constructive play, not only due to its effect on literacy skills and kid's success in reading and writing, but also the benefits of its application in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) educational programming. The SEPL Brick Builders Club has been created to employ these principles through guided building "challenges" and free build time with LEGO bricks and other constructive materials in a relaxed "no right way" environment. By encouraging children and families to attend together, we hope to build a strong lifetime relationship between you and your library.