Library of Things Junior

Library of Things Junior –– Borrow Don't Buy a variety of non-traditional items that range from playful to practical!

What is the Library of Things Junior?

The Library of Things (LoT) is an innovative collection of non-traditional library items that complement our mission to provide our patrons access to quality materials and services for their educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs. LoT Jr. includes items with a focus on Literacy, STEAM education and Sensory Needs of Children.

How Does it Work?

Adult cardholders can borrow these fun, practical, hands-on items to learn new skills, explore areas of interest, or help with everyday tasks. The loan period is two weeks for all Things. Things must be checked out and returned in-person—not placed in a library book drop. Some Things require the completion of a borrower’s agreement.

What Kind of Things are Available?

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Mental Blox 3-D Puzzle Game

Silishapes Sensory Circles

Catalog of Things

Educational & STEAM
Perfect for classroom, home-schooling or just for fun!
LEGO Duplo Read & Build
Each Kit includes a board book and assorted LEGO Duplo bricks to build along with the story.
  • Bird Watching Kit
  • Botley the Coding Robot
  • Bucket Balance (2)
  • Code & Go Robot Mouse
  • Frog Balance Game
  • Mathlink Cubes Activity Set
  • Multiple Representation Equivalency Dice
  • Multiple Representation Fraction Dice
  • Multiple Representation Time Dice
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Play Money
  • Pop! For Sight Words Games 1 & 2
  • Pop! For Blends & Word Families Games
  • Primary Science Lab Set
  • Primary Science Mix & Measure Set
  • Rainbow Magnetic Fraction Circles & Tiles
  • Teaching Time Clock
  • Time Activity Set
  • Weight Set - Customary
  • Weight Set - Metric
  • Busy Farm
  • Fairy Tale
  • Grow Caterpillar Grow!
  • Let's Go Vroom
  • Peekaboo Jungle
Read & Play Kits
Each kit includes two themed picture books, a musical instrument, finger puppets(s) and songs and rhymes printed on a laminated card.
Tactile items for sensory input management & stimulation
  • Bears
  • Colors
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Earth
  • Fall
  • Farm Animals
  • Halloween
  • Lamb & Pig
  • Manners
  • Mice
  • Monkeys
  • Ocean
  • Silishapes Sensory Circles